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Grant Napear to be roasted for charity

Yes, your favorite play-by-play man is getting roasted tonight.

Matthew Addie, via Wikimedia Commons

Sacramento Kings legend Grant Napear will be roasted in Marysville at -- wait for it -- Peach Tree Golf and Country Club on Friday night, reports the Marysville Appeal-Democrat. The roast will raise money for Operation Warm Heart, which benefits military families stationed at Beale Air Force Base.

Among the roasters are Friend of StR Carmichael Dave, Jerry Reynolds, Henry Turner, Jim Les, Harold Pressley, Brian Wheeler and the bailiff from Judge Judy.

Tickets are $49 and seem to still be available. In the interest of charity, if you have any jokes about this development, I request you drop a couple bucks on a charitable cause. I will be doing so thanks to my cheekiness in the first line of this post. (Oh God, why didn't we think of a Grant Napear roast, we could have raised millions!)

(If you attend, we absolutely need a trip report. Contact me.)