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The Sactown Royalty Show: Programming Note

We had technical difficulties yesterday, but we're coming back stronger than ever. More Bieglery than ever.

Last night we had an episode of the Sactown Royalty Show scheduled, but ran into some technical difficulties.  With the system I use for the show, everything goes live at a set time, and has to go live on the hour or on the half hour.  I can't delay the show by a few minutes or anything, so when we came down to the wire I cancelled the episode.  We'll have the guest on a future episode instead.

Now, I hate hate hate hate hate saying we're going to have a show and then not having  one.  But fear not, there will still be a show this week.  Tonight we're having Robby Biegler on the show.  His previous appearance has been called legendary (mostly by me and Biegler, but that doesn't make my statement any less factual).

And since it was so much fun taking calls with Section last week, we're going to do it again.  You'll call, we'll answer, and you can ask me and Biegler anything you want.  You just have to live with the consequences of whatever tangents you send Biegler off on.

The show will go live at 9pm PT.  Listen live, call in, we'll talk about the Kings and have some fun.