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The Sactown Royalty Show Ep. 12: Biegler Returns!

Robby Biegler returns to the show. We talked about Bobby Jackson, Trent Lockett, uniform changes, and the Simpsons. Seriously, you haven't lived til you've seen Biegler go off script.

The Sactown Royalty Show is back!

Our old friend Robby Biegler returns to the podcast. If you listened to his previous appearance, you know Biegler is a hilariously random guest. It's perfect for the slow news month of August. Once the season starts we'll put him back in his cage and only let him out to write incredibly poetic prose.

In this episode we discussed Bobby Jackson going to the Timberwolves, Trent Lockett signing with the Kings, Sacramento uniform design, and the Simpsons!

Since Section and I had so much fun answering live caller questions last week, I decided to do it again. Biegler and I took your calls. A big thank you to Section214, Christina_J, and vfettke for calling in and giving us conversation topics.

And per the discussion on the podcast, chime in below with your ideas on which Simpsons characters best match the players and personnel in the Kings organization.  Confused?  Listen to the show.

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Thanks for listening.

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