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Greg Oden picks the Heat, not the Kings

Sacramento won't be getting G.O.D.E. after all.


Welp, the long mystery of where Greg Oden will play in 2013-14 is over: the 2007 No. 1 pick chose the Miami Heat. The Sacramento Kings reportedly remained in the running until the very end and made an offer last week, but lost out to the two-time defending world champs.

Where will the Kings turn now? It appears they'd still like to add a true center to the roster. In addition to Oden, the Kings reportedly pursued Timofey Mozgov, who ended up re-signing with the Nuggets. Cole Aldrich is legitimately the best center available, in all likelihood, unless Pete D'Alessandro can yank a gem out of the system. The front office could also decide to enter the season with the roster in place and look for moves as the season moves along.

Good luck to Oden, who deserves a break in the right direction.

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