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Corliss Williamson was recruited by Michael Malone, Kings

The story of how Big Nasty became the Kings' new assistant coach is ... interesting.

Ethan Miller

The way Corliss Williamson tells it to The Bee's Joe Davidson, the Kings came calling totally out of the blue.

The Kings called. Corliss Williamson listened, conferred with family about a career-altering opportunity and offered an emphatic "yes" to Kings coach Michael Malone. [...]

"I'm coming home to my NBA family," Williamson said by phone. "It felt like being recruited, and it felt great. I'm very flattered and was caught off guard. I didn't expect this. I've always wanted to get back into the NBA and coach, but I didn't think it would happen this soon. I'm still in awe with the opportunity. Of all places to coach ... ."

Until you're established and sought-after, every job in the NBA is coveted. Fought for. Interviewed for. In some cases, begged for. This happens at almost every level. The PR jobs. The analytic jobs. The GM jobs. The coach jobs. The assistant coach jobs. The video coordinator jobs.

Yet the Kings basically cold-called Corliss and asked him to join the club? It's very strange. I don't question it, or doubt that Williamson will help the team. And I'm certainly glad to see Big Nasty again -- more Big Nasty on local TV and radio is an unequivocal plus. This is just a really different situation. A weird one. NBA 3.0, I guess.

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