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Kings schedule to be released on Tuesday

The NBA schedule will be released on Tuesday, and we'll find out whether the Kings are opening at home or on the road.


The NBA plans to unveil its full 2013-14 schedule on Tuesday at 3 p.m. Pacific. And thank Shammgod we'll see "Sacramento Kings" on that schedule 82 times.

As always, what I'll be looking for on the schedule, since it's guaranteed to include 41 games at home, 41 on the road, two games against everyone in the East, 3-4 games against everyone in the Northwest and Southwest, four games against everyone in the Pacific ...

* Will the Kings get an opening homestand? That'd be great!

* What does November look like? The 2012-13 season had a pretty home-heavy November ... and that didn't turn out well. But establishing some success early would be really, really awesome. So another home-heavy November would be grand.

* When is Spencer Hawes visiting?

* When are the Lakers visiting? I'll need to make sure my rosaries are hung.

* When are the Pelicans visiting, because those promise to be lovely games?

We'll have a link to the schedule right around 3 p.m. Tuesday, with fuller analysis Wednesday morning. Basketball!

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