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Grantland Takes on DeMarcus Cousins

Grantland's Zach Lowe takes a look at what makes DeMarcus Cousins one of the most frustrating players in the NBA, and whether or not his talent is enough to warrant a max contract extension.


There are few NBA writers out there that I enjoy reading more than Grantland's Zach Lowe, particularly in his takes on specific players. He does a great job of combining visual and statistical analysis, and backing up his claims with facts.

Today on Grantland he took on the task of analyzing Sacramento's own DeMarcus Cousins, who you probably haven't read much about lately (cue laugh track).

As you all know by now, Cousins is up for a max extension, and we've had numerous debates on the site about whether or not he'd be worth giving a max extension to. In a poll we held on this site on June 20th, 60% of you voted to not give Cousins a max extension.

Zach Lowe agrees with you.

But the track record so far does not suggest Cousins is a cornerstone player. Some team is going to give him something close to the max, whether it's Sacramento; the Lakers or some other team that will be flush with cap space next summer; or a team that trades for Cousins between now and then. D'Alessandro should be working hard to find that trade partner willing to surrender a package that meets his needs.

The Kings should be in no rush; Cousins hasn't earned it. They control the free-agency process, and they should make him prove he's worth that kind of deal - either so they can feel comfortable giving it to him, or to boost his trade value midseason.

I highly recommend reading Lowe's entire piece so you see how he gets to his conclusion. He makes some very valid points, even if you disagree with his opinion.

H/T to Deleran for posting this in the FanShots.

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