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2013-14 Kings Regular Season Schedule is Released

The schedule has been released and the Sacramento Kings will open the season at home against the Denver Nuggets.


The 2013-14 Regular Season Schedule is finally here!

After the last few years of worrying whether this would be the last season in Sacramento, the NBA has granted Sacramento a chance to celebrate its new beginning with a home heavy early schedule, including having the first two games of the season at home.

Sacramento will open the season on Oct. 30th at home vs. the Denver Nuggets, and follow it up with a visit from the Los Angeles Clippers on Nov. 1st. The first road game of the season will be against the Golden St. Warriors on Nov. 2nd.

Eight of the first 10 games are at home and Sacramento can gain some early momentum from that.

The Kings will also end the season at home on April 16th against the Phoenix Suns.

Sacramento has two huge road trips, a six-gamer in January and a seven-gamer in March. The longest homestands occur in November and January, and are both five games long.

We will have more analysis on the schedule later.