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Kings schedule: Sacramento could potentially be decent early

October and November are the easiest months of the year, followed by April. It's everything in between that's the problem. (Also, October, November and April might be the problem.)


For the second straight season, the Sacramento Kings have a pretty home-heavy early schedule heading into 2013-14. Last year, the Kings chose not to take advantage of it. ("A win? Nah, I'll pass.") Eight of the Kings' first 10 games are at home, and the two road games stay on the West Coast (a bus ride to Oakland, a hop to Portland). Only three of those opening home games come against 2013 lottery teams, though. But of the 11 road games the Kings play before Christmas, only five are against teams that made the playoffs in 2013, and one of those games is against the Lakers.

The Kings, like basically all teams, were much better at home as opposed to on the road last season. The Kings were 20-21 (.487) at home and 8-33 (.195) on the road. So, again, that home-heavy start is important in defining how the season goes.

That said, it's well within reason to expect the Kings to come out of November at 7-7 (Akis' official prediction, I think?) and then totally suck for the rest of the season. I'd like to remind you of the 2009-10 season. The Kings were 8-8 at the end of November, and went 17-49 the rest of the way to finish 25-57. Woof. (Literally: Kenny Thomas logged 313 minutes in his final NBA season. Miss you, K-9.) (Well ...)

There's a potential five-game winning streak staring at Sacramento at the start of January (Philly, Charlotte, Portland, Orlando and Cleveland, all at Sleep Train) but then things get hideous until late March. The Kings could potentially finish on a high note with four winnable home games in April (Lakers, Mavericks, Wolves and Suns).

In conclusion, hurray for basketball in Sacramento! The end.

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