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City could help Kings acquire Macy's property via eminent domain

The owner of the property on which Macy's men's store sits is refusing to sell. The Kings will ask for the city's aid next week.

The Bee reports that on Tuesday the Kings will ask the Sacramento City Council to assist in the acquisition of a piece of property in Downtown Plaza where the Macy's men's store sits. That request could include pursuing an eminent domain case, which would likely be tied up in the courts for a while. More likely, this move is intended to force the property owner, New York-based Island Capital, to come back to the negotiating table. (The Bee says the two sides were close to a deal a couple months ago, but Island walked away.)

Meanwhile, Macy's is the tenant and already plans to vacate the site in the fall, moving the men's apparel and furniture to the Macy's women's store at the other end of the Plaza. That Macy's location will remain in place at the Plaza.

The Bee reports that the Kings have promised to pay any costs incurred by city staff working on this issue, and of course eminent domain itself would lead to the property owner getting paid. The Kings will cover all of that. This is really an arrow that the team can line up to put a bit more pressure on the landowner, who -- without a tenant in a couple months, and with no chance another tenant will move into that space at this point -- is just trying to wring a few more dollars out of the Kings. The team's fighting back.

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