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Poll: Sactown Royalty Nights in 2013-14

Let's get together, yeah yeah yeah.


So! Basketball! We have a schedule now, so we're beginning to plan for a few Sactown Royalty Nights! And remember a couple months ago, when some out-of-town fans were asking for a way to help send Kings fans to Kings games as they've been able to do in the past? That's tied into Sactown Royalty Nights.

So here's what we'll do:

* Have x number of Sactown Royalty Nights this season. Group rates, hopefully a perk from the team, good fun with good people.

* Threads where StRers who would go to a specific StR Night but cannot find it in their budgets connect with StRers who would go to a specific StR Night but cannot because they live in, say, Korea or Greece or Kansas City. We did this to great success for Here We Buy Night last season. I like this method better than the anonymous dollar donation + anonymous requests because, frankly, when things were anonymous we got a number of no-shows. Which was very frustrating. That doesn't happen when you're making the personal connection between the donor and the receiver.

* A few StR Nights when the team is on the road. We'll be trying to do these around the region at welcoming bar/pubs.

Here's what we need from you:

* Answer the poll on how many games you'd expect to buy tickets for (either as an attendee or donor).

* In the comments, if you have a Kings ticket rep you use and LOVE, let us know.

* Any specific viewing party candidates you favor. We're looking at Roseville, Natomas and Elk Grove tentatively.

By the way, section214 is the chair of the Party Committee. He threw a mean sock hop back in the day. GET EXCITED!