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C.J. Aiken back with Kings into training camp

The St. Joe's big man played on Sacramento's Summer League team. He's back in the city for work beginning Sunday.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

C.J. Aiken, the 6'9 big man from St. Joseph's, has signed a training camp deal with the Kings, according to the website City of Basketball Love. In an interview with CoBL (which is a couple weeks old now), Aiken indicates he signed a deal beginning September 1 that goes up through camp.

This is from Aiken's Twitter on Saturday.

Aiken played for the Kings' Summer League team, where he averaged about five points and three rebounds per game in limited minutes. In college, he was known as a shot blocker and defender primarily.

Trent Lockett's deal is also believed to be a training camp contract. The Kings' roster for players with guaranteed salary this season stands at 14. In all likelihood, Lockett and Aiken are being used as extra players for scrimmages and being developed for potential use with the Reno Bighorns. (It's also worth noting both Lockett and Aiken are known more for their defense than offense.) The Kings can assign their final three training camp cuts that join the D-League to Reno, where new Bighorns GM Shareef Abdur-Rahim and the coach that the team hires can help them become NBA players.

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