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The Sactown Royalty Show Ep 14: Biegler, Fippin & Friends

The Sactown Royalty Show is broadcasting live from a bar. And they said we couldn't reach new lows. Biegler, Fippin, Ed and Christina J are are expected to join us.

Last week's episode with Scott Moak was a little too high class, so this week the Sactown Royalty Show moves to a bar. I'm in Sacramento for the week, so I decided to take the opportunity to gather with a few Sactown Royalty friends. We'll be podcasting from the bar, so apologies in advance if the audio is a bit worse than normal. The level of conversation may also suffer, as I'm expected to be joined by Robby Biegler, Kevin Fippin, Ed Montes, and Christina_J.

We talked about Michael Beasley, Chris Mullin, STOP, and likely trade moves.  The audio quality is questionable, but the discussion is top notch.  Give it a listen.

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Thanks for listening.