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Kayte Christensen returns to Kings broadcasts

Ailene Voisin confirmed the news on Tuesday.

Wikimedia Commons

So much for all of our guessing late Monday: The Bee's Ailene Voisin got it confirmed for Tuesday's paper that former Kings sideline reporter Kayte Christensen will rejoin the team in that role for the 2013-14 season.

In one of the Maloofs' more bizarre moves of anti-genius, the Kings let Christensen go after the 2009-10 season so that professional weirdo Jim Gray could work like a dozen games on the sidelines per year. So, hey, that's over!

Christensen is a former WNBA player who knows the game and, if I remember correctly, doesn't mince words. She was also adept at getting injury info, which is a key duty for a sideline reporter. (Which made it all the more unnerving that we had a part-time sideline reporter for the past couple years.)

Welcome back, Kayte!

(Please do not turn this thread into a gawking, photo-posting embarrassment. I know everyone gets a little gaga over good-looking ladies, but please remember that we also have many women posting at StR who are probably not comfortable with everyone else in the room expressing how much they love certain female physical attributes. And I'm pretty sure the object of affection isn't too keen on it either. In closing: please, for the love of Vlade, don't be that guy.)

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