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30Q: Will Travis Outlaw win MVP?

When it comes down to which player in the NBA is the most valuable, the answer is a no-brainer.


I know what you're thinking.

"Akis, are you crazy? Why is this a 30Q? This is pointless to argue about. We all know Travis Outlaw is guaranteed to be the 2013-14 MVP, do we really need a whole post on it?"

Maybe that's true. But maybe, just maybe, the NBA awards voters will find a way to screw up their ballots for the 10th year in a row and not award Outlaw with the league's highest honors.

Let's break down the facts.

FACT: Travis Outlaw is so good he is being paid by two NBA teams.

FACT: Travis Outlaw has recorded more blocked shots than 11 time NBA Champion Bill Russell.

FACT: Travis Outlaw has recorded more three pointers made than Jerry West.

FACT: Travis Outlaw has recorded more steals than Oscar Robertson.

FACT: Travis Outlaw has recorded less turnovers than Michael Jordan.

FACT: Travis Outlaw has recorded more offensive and defensive rebounds than Wilt Chamberlain (but less total rebounds).

FACT: Travis Outlaw doesn't miss shots, he creates rebounding opportunities.

FACT: Travis Outlaw is so nice, he took a picture of Kevin Fippin rather than the other way around.

FACT: Travis Outlaw doesn't just make his teammates look better, he makes everyone in the entire league look better.

FACT: Travis Outlaw paid me $1,000 to write this article.

FACT: Since Travis Outlaw has joined the Kings, the Maloofs are gone, the Kings have sold for the highest sale price in NBA history, and a new arena is in sight.

FACT: Travis Outlaw CAN play Small Forward.


As you can see, the evidence is indisputable. Travis Outlaw is the Most Valuable Player, and it's time for the rest of the NBA to acknowledge it.