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Sactown Royalty Night at Sleep Train Arena - The Vivekoning, Part II

Y'all are crazee!!!


Funny story - When putting together StR night #1, I told super-ticket-representative-and-secret-Batman Michael Peyton that we would shoot for 100 tickets sold and hope for the best. Well, as of this post, we have exhausted all of the 295(!!!) tickets that were downstairs. SAC-RA-MEN-TO (clap-clap-clap-clap-clap-clap)!!!

Now, Peyton spent all day yesterday scaring up more and more tickets for us, and really went above and beyond the call - major hat tip. But the boy's crazy, and he wants to get even more StR folk into the arena. Quoting the madman:

295 lower level seats have been purchased by the StR community.  Our inventory for that promotion is now officially exhausted.  WELL… DONE!

To keep the ball rolling, that same link now offers $10 upper level tickets.  Anybody who missed out...are now invited to join us on 11/15 for only $10 per ticket, no fees!

The seats will be "best available" within specially segmented areas.  Therefore, the early buyers will be rewarded with more desirable locations.

(A little linkage to the ticket purchase page)

Special Offer Code: str

Note:  We have a small quantity of lower level baseline seats (108, 109, 120, 121), row J at $49/ea, if anybody still wants a deal in the lower level.  That’s 50% off the traditional group rate in that respective area (for the 11/15 game only).


Now, here's what I'm thinking. I'd like to sell 52 more seats. That would get us to 347 seats. Sactown Royalty could then crow that we own 2% of the seats for November 15. 2%!!! It'll be like our own little Palms!

Don't miss out. You'll want to be there just in case a "We're #122!" chant breaks out while the ESPN cameras are lit.

(Again, major thanks to Michael Peyton. Major thanks.)