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Editorial: New Era, New Swagger, Same Old 6th Man

Vivek Ranadivé and the new regime have promised some major upgrades in the coming seasons. Most will have been long overdue, but some things don't need fixing.


As I sit here on my couch in a pair of gold lamé Kings shorts I'm reminded of the good times... and the less than good times. I remember it all. Going to Arco 1 for the first time with my Dad ... but not being able to see much of the game because I was too short. Playoff games ... and agonizing losses. Ownership honoring the best fans in the NBA ... with the ugliest alternate uniforms ever. As a Kings fan you learn to take the good with the bad and cherish the memories.

We remember these moments because in all honesty, we're just happy to be taking part in them in the first place. With that being said, there's one particular moment that seems to stand out in my mind. One moment that Kings fans hang their collective hats on, but also a moment that time seems to have forgotten.

The date: November 8th, 2006.

The place: Sacramento CA, Arco Arena.

17,317 filed into Arco Arena that night to watch Kevin Martin drop 30 on the Pistons, Kenny Thomas almost had a double-double that night (?!), and the Kings walked away with the W. You remember 2006. You remember the ugly "Gold Standard" uniforms. Kenny Thomas' numbers aside, a game like this sounds pretty standard right? Well something special happened on this particular night that you won't find mentioned in the box scores or the game recaps.

If you were there that night, I hope you brought your ear plugs. The noise meter on the old score board must have been stuck at 11. Because oh yeah, by the way, the crowd noise from the 6th man reached over 130 dBA, setting a Guinness World Record for the loudest crowd roar in history!!

It was the stuff of legend. Everyone knew the Kings had the greatest home court advantage in the NBA. Everyone knew Kings fans were loud. But now the whole world knew we were louder than an airport runway on Christmas Eve, and it was AWESOME!! But did it ever really happen?

I was there dammit! I know it happened but as far as I can tell, time has all but forgotten this moment. There's no mention of it in the ESPN game recap. In fact, aside from the Sleep Train Arena Wikipedia page, there's really no mention of this feat anywhere on the internet. How did this happen? Who let this happen? How did any trace of a record we've been talking about for years just ... vanish?

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Seattle Seahawks fans hold the record for "Loudest Roar At A Sports Stadium" at 136.6 dBA. Seattle's "12th man" acquired that record earlier this season and it's clearly 6 decibels louder than Kings fans were in 2006. My immediate thought was that we were probably just old news. I'm sure the guy that USED to hold the record for the longest toenail is running around town trying to convince anyone who'll listen. We don't want to be toenail guy do we? Well I didn't ... but then I learned about another record.

Did you know that the world record for the loudest crowd roar at an INDOOR sports arena is 106.6 dBA? According to Guinness this record was set in 2008 during a time-out in the third quarter of a Clippers/Bucks game at the Bradley Centre in Milwaukee. Ummmm, WHAT?!

Maybe i'm bad at math? Maybe Arco Arena was actually outside? Are we just going to pretend November 8th, 2006 never happened? Fine, I'll own it. I'M OFFICIALLY THE TOENAIL GUY!

Throughout the relocation saga I was continually asked why Sacramento deserves to keep a team that the fans haven't supported. The question would always surprise me. Somewhere along the way, the world forgot about the 6th man, the cowbells, the sell-out streaks, the Arco Thunder, and how in "29 other cities it's just a game." Maybe it's time to remind them? Maybe it's time to remind them that while the Kings may need to update the Wi-Fi, the potholes, the concourse, and the visitors locker room, the fans aren't something in need of repair.

Previous ownership made a lot of mistakes. These gold lamé shorts are definitely one of them. And much like the shorts i'm wearing, there's a long list of things I wish we could just pretend never happened. But the Arco Thunder is NOT on that list.

On November 15th the Kings play those same Detroit Pistons. Hundreds from our beloved StR community will be in attendance for the first of this season's Sactown Royalty nights, and the game represents the only time this season the Kings will be televised on ESPN. Seems like the perfect time to let the world know that while it may be a new era in Sacramento, some things have never changed. It's time to remind them that things like November 8th, 2006 happened.

Vivek seems to have a pretty solid rolodex. Maybe he's got the phone number for the Guinness Book of World Records. I'm sure the 6th man will be ready. Right?

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