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30Q: Jerry Reynolds needs our help!

Time for a little input from all you Tasmanian nicknameians.

Jerry Reynolds needs our help! OK, he doesn't really need our help, but he has humored us in the past by picking up some our player nickname suggestions. And lest we forget, Jerry got a good number of you bombed last year by pranking the StR drinking game mercilessly. So coming up with a few nicknames and/or Jerryisms for the new guys is the least we can do, and we at Sactown Royalty always do the least we can do.

New to the roster this year is Ben McLemore, Ray McCallum, Greivis Vasquez, Luc Richard Mbah a Moute, and Carl Landry. Some grease for the wheels:

McLemore: "The clock strikes 3 for Big Ben." "The rim is suffering from a Big Mac attack." "Another bull's-eye from M-16."

McCallum: "McCallum was a Ray of sunshine on that play." "That was awfully pretty from the Motor City." "The fightin' Titan."

Vasquez: "The defense forgot about him, and that was a Greivis mistake." "Rock us from Caracas." The Tasmanian Venezuelean!"

Mbah a Moute: "The Fresh Prince." "The Cameroon Comet." "The battlin' Bruin."

Landry: (Top Hat and Hot Carl are legacy monikers) "The postman from Purdue always delivers." "Cash Carl." "Dirty Landry."

OK, that's about as low as I can set the bar. Leave your ideas in the thread, and be sure to "rec" your favorites.