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Report: Chris Mullin to Officially Join Sacramento's Front Office

Mullin had previously been a senior adviser for the team but will now have an official job within the front office.

Ronald Martinez

Ever since Vivek Ranadivé has taken over the Sacramento Kings, there has been constant speculation on just what role Chris Mullin would play with the team. Ranadivé and Mullin are close friends from their time together in Golden State, and Mullin has been advising Ranadivé in an unofficial capacity since he took over the team. We saw videos of him in Sacramento's draft war room, and pictures of him wearing a Kings shirt at the Practice Facility.

The team has never mentioned Mullin as an official employee, but he's been mentioned repeatedly be Vivek & Pete D'Alessandro as a trusted adviser. One of the reasons cited for D'Alessandro's hire as GM was based off Mullin's recommendation. D'Alessandro worked under Mullin while the former Golden State great was GM of the Warriors.

However, a new report from ESPN's Marc Stein states that Mullin's role with the team will be expanding to a more official capacity. It's currently unknown what exactly that role might be. The Kings could employ a two-tiered structure, making Mullin the President of Basketball Operations with D'Alessandro as General Manager, similar to the system the Pacers use (Larry Bird & Kevin Pritchard). This system was rumored to be in discussion when Sacramento was looking for a GM.

Mullin's history as a GM is rather unimpressive, but he did help the Warriors get to the playoffs for the first time in over a decade and ran a team that won 50 games and missed the playoffs. He also lends gravitas and experience to a young and inexperienced Kings front office.

(Thanks to adamsite & Tom A~! for pointing this news out in the FanShots/FanPosts)

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