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The Dead Are Not Your Set Dressing

The 4000 held a press conference in a cemetery to show how disgusting STOP was. Swing and a miss.

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The 4000 held a press conference earlier today at East Lawn Cemetary in Sacramento.  The purpose of this location was to "highlight how disgusting it is to forge someone’s name who is deceased in order to get a political gain.", according to Josh Wood, director of The 4000.

Sorry, Josh.  While I'm all for the pro-arena movement, holding a press conference in cemetery is worse.  Using the dead as your backdrop for political gain is no better.  This was a mistake, and one that The 4000 needs to acknowledge and apologize for.

Anti-arena groups will point to this as a blunder or worse.  And they'll be right.  I don't want to support any argument made by anti-arena groups, but I'm also unwilling to bury my head in the sand.  The 4000 is a powerful agent to help Sacramento get a new arena, an effort I fully support.  That support can be different than supporting the way in which this goal is pursued.

The 4000 is a public face of the pro-arena effort.  Their efforts, especially in the minds of the casual observer, will be lumped in with the efforts of other pro-arena supporters.  The best way to overcome this mistake is to acknowledge it, apologize for it, and learn from it.

The deceased should not be used as political tools.  And two wrong don't make a right.


The views in this piece are my own and do not necessarily represent the views of Sactown Royalty as a whole.