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DeMarcus Cousins named Western Conference Player of the Week

Sacramento's talented young big man gets recognized by the NBA for his excellent stretch of games.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The jury is still out on whether DeMarcus Cousins will be named to the All-Star game, but it was nice to see that today he got recognized as the Western Conference Player of the Week by the NBA.  Carmelo Anthony won the award for the East.

Cousins averaged 25.0 points (on 56.2% from the field) to go with 12.7 rebounds and more importantly led the Kings to a 3-0 week with wins against the Blazers, Magic and Cavaliers.  Cousins joins LaMarcus Aldridge and Kevin Love as the only NBA players averaging at least 23 points and 11 rebounds on the season.  Cousins is also just one of 10 players 6'10 or taller averaging 3 assists a game and is also by far the best big man at stealing the ball, with 1.9 a game.  His PER of 27.1 is 5th overall in the league behind just LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Chris Paul and Kevin Love.

Cousins has also recorded 23 double-doubles on the season, including 10 in a row, matching Chris Webber's Sac-era record streak from 2002-03.

If Cousins can keep up this level of play (or even surpass it), this won't be the last time he's recognized by the NBA for his accomplishments.