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Kings vs. Pacers preview: Another easy foe

Piece of cake.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Kings are back on the road, facing the Indiana Pacers on Tuesday (4 p.m. Pacific, Comcast SportsNet California and NBA TV). After a 3-2 homestand which featured the Sixers, Bobcats, Magic and Cavaliers (in addition to the Blazers), this should be a nice change of pace. And by nice I mean painful.


DeMarcus Cousins vs. Roy Hibbert

I think we all want to see how the reigning Western Conference Player of the Week matches up against potentially the best defensive center in the NBA. Should be a brawl.


1. You know what? Indiana is fantastic ... but its offense remains decidedly mediocre overall. The Pacers are ranked No. 18 in team offense (the Kings are No. 12, for what it's worth). So while Paul George is pretty awesome and David West really tough to handle, this isn't a Portland-level scoring juggernaut. The Kings might not give up 100!

2. Foul trouble could be the story of this game. As in, the Kings can't afford to lose Cousins for a stretch in the first, second or third, and Hibbert is excellent at avoiding fouls.

3. Lance Stephenson is fun to watch. He reminds me in some ways of Tyreke Evans. The difference being that Stephenson was a second-round pick and Tyreke went No. 4.


Three straight wins? Alright!
Next victim is ... <checks schedule>
Dammit. Well, bye streak!


Pacers 120, Kings 82. (I know, I'm such an optimist.)