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Sactown Royalty Night III - Oh, really? No, O'Mally's!

Sactown Royalty and O'Mally's get together for StR's first "road game."


Over the past several years, Sactown Royalty has put together a number of "nights" at ARCO/PBP/Sleep Train Arena. On Saturday, February 1st, StR will hold its first "night on the town." Please join us at O'Mally's, as the Kings travel to San Antonio to take on the Spurs. The broadcast for the game begins at 5:30 PM Pacific, so we're going to start up at 5 PM.

About O'Mally's: Located in Old Sacramento at 1109 2nd Street, O'Mally's was opened on St. Patrick's Day 1997 by the parents of our very own HulmboldtCPA. Locally owned and operated (and completely independent of the O'Malley's chain out of Southern California), O'Mally's boasts four TVs and a pool table downstairs (which will be reserved for StR, which is perfect, since we are all a bunch of blogging basement dwellers anyway), as well as a full bar. There are a couple of other TVs, another pool table and a bar featuring 17 taps upstairs. O'Mally's serves food as well, and HumboldtCPA recommends the Irish Tacos (flour tortilla, corned beef, cole slaw and pepperjack cheese), the burgers and the corned beef sliders.

Oh, another thing about O'Mally's: these are some service-oriented cats. They want to make sure that they are properly staffed when StR decends upon them, so please RSVP via the thread or at if you are planning on attending.

If you have ever attended an StR night at the arena, you already know how much fun it can be meeting your fellow StR members. If you have never attended an StR night, here is a great opportunity to make some new friends, hang out in a great and welcoming establishment, and watch your Sacramento Kings take on the San Antonio Spurs.

See you there!