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Meet Sactown Royalty's 10 most prolific commenters of 2013

Are you on the list?

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

I'm about two weeks late on this, so apologies on that. But have you ever wondered who the most prolific commenters of Sactown Royalty are? Would you hazard a guess as to the 10 most prolific commenters of 2013? Let's test your knowledge of StR commenters: open up Notepad or grab an actual notepad and jot the 10 StRians who commented the most in 2013. I have the answers below. I'll drop in a long cake, to make sure you don't see them before you answer, if you want to play this little game. (Let us know which ones you got right in the comments.)


Okay, there we go. And now, the 10 most prolific commenters of 2013 on Sactown Royalty.

1. pookeyguru: 13,674
2. prowseinthehouse: 8,624
3. Kfan in Korea: 8,190
4. otis29: 8,057
5. djrick: 7,755
6. section214: 6,990
7. AnkleMan: 4,026
8. LaBradford: 3,783
9. HeuristicLineup: 3,723
10. polotown: 3,696

Impressive! Keep commenting kids, and you too could reach these heights.

(By the way, since there's no better place to put this: our two Start Four contest winners have been notified. sptsjunkie won $25 to for being the top finisher, and BeTheBall won the $25 drawing for all players who finished above me. (There were 70 such players. Yikes!) Congrats to both, and make sure y'all keep playing Start Four if it tickled your fancy.