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Kings vs. Pacers Preview: Tell you what, we'll call it a draw

The Kings will be without their two best players against one of the best defensive teams in NBA history. We got this.

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After a long six game road trip, there's no place like home.  Unfortunately for the Kings, they have to play the NBA's best team, Indiana (7 p.m. News10 and KHTK 1140) without their two best players.  Figures.  On a cool note, the Kings will be using Google Glass tonight to provide a unique perspective on the game and we'll see that on News10's broadcast.  As is the case with all News10 games, Sean Cunningham will host our game thread so stop on by and say hi.


Isaiah Thomas vs. George Hill

Last time the Kings played the Pacers, Isaiah Thomas was held to 7 points and 1 assist on 3 of 9 shooting thanks to stifling team defense by the Pacers and great individual defense by George Hill.  Without Cousins and Gay, Thomas will be our featured scorer, and the Pacers will likely key in on him.


Let's face it; The odds of the Kings winning this game aren't good.  In fact I'd say they're awful.  So let's try to look for some positives.

1. If ever there was a night where Marcus Thornton could rediscover his shooting stroke, tonight would be the night.  Thornton hasn't gotten nearly as many looks in an offense dominated by Cousins, Gay and Thomas, but with two of those guys out, the Kings will need him to be on his game.  We've seen Thornton put up huge numbers before.  Hopefully he can get going tonight and hopefully get his season back on track as well.

2. Derrick Williams will likely start in Gay's place.  Derrick has been solid off the bench for Sacramento, but he was even better as a starter before the Gay trade.  He'll have the extremely tough task of going up against Paul George, so we'll see if he's up for it.

3. When the Pacers win, they have held opponents to an average of 85.1 points.  In their 8 losses, that average jumps to 106.0 points.  Notably in those games, their opponents have caught fire from distance.  The Kings don't have a ton of lights out shooters, but they do have one or two guys who can get going from there (Thomas, Fredette, Thornton).


No Cousins, No Gay?
Aaron Gray turns on Beast Mode.
Watch out, Roy Hibbert.


Kings win 134 to 76 as Google Glass reveals all of Indiana's weaknesses.