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Reminder: Sactown Royalty Night III is Saturday!

StR is hosting it's first road game at O'Mally's in Old Sac this Saturday!

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Friends, countrymen, & you in the corner,

This is just a quick reminder that this Saturday, February 1st, we will be hosting Sactown Royalty Night III, the first ever StR night road game.  The event will be hosted at O'Malley's in Old Sacramento at 1109 2nd street.

Thanks to our good friend HumboldtCPA (whose parents own O'Mally's) we will have the whole downstairs of the pub to ourselves as we watch the Kings crush the Spurs on four tv's.  The game starts at 5:30 pm so we encourage you guys to get there by around 5 pm.

If you didn't already RSVP in the original thread, do so in this one or e-mail  As of last count we have 40 or so RSVPs so it should be a good crowd.

For those that want the "two-second advantage" when ordering, HumboldtCPA has provided us pictures of O'Mally's menu below:



I hope to see many of you there.