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The Sactown Royalty Show Ep 33: Answering your questions!

This week I was flying solo. I answered questions from Twitter, and had a chance to chat with Kevin Fippin.

The Sactown Royalty Show is back! This week I went in without a planned guest, instead focusing on answering your questions.

I answered questions from Twitter, and took a call from StR's own Kevin Fippin. Apparently he got tired of hearing me talk to myself.

This show still managed to cover a variety of topics. We spent a lot of time discussing Jason Thompson, team defense, Derrick Williams and his future with the team, trade possibilities, and much more. Check it out.

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Thanks to Kevin for calling in, and a huge thanks to everyone who submitted questions on Twitter! And, as discussed on the show, chime in on today's poll question. Vote in the poll and discuss in the comments.

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As always, thanks for listening.