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Kings vs. Bobcats final score: Sacramento defense lives up to reputation as Kings lose 112-103


Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

The Kings' impressively bad defense again allowed a bad opposing offense to be dominant as Sacramento fell 113-103 to the Bobcats on Saturday.

Charlotte dropped 32 points in the opening quarter. The Kings had a good defensive second quarter until all hell broke loose. Charlotte had scored just 16 points with 4:30 left in the quarter. Then the Bobcats went on a 17-0, scoring on nine of 11 possessions to finish the half. Charlotte had 65 at the half.

In the third, the Kings defense looked noticeably better, but Kemba Walker kept Charlotte on top with some hot three-point shooting. (He just shot over the top of Isaiah Thomas repeatedly.) The fourth quarter was a tribute to Al Jefferson; he dropped 10 points over 3-1/2 minutes to ensure Charlotte would hold on.

The Bobcats had a road effective field goal percentage of .452 before Saturday night. Their eFG against the Kings: .596. The Bobcats have a road points per possessions figure of 0.97 this season. Their points per possession on Saturday: 1.15.

The Kings' offense was just fine. They get so few stops that no amount of fine offense can help on nights like this. DeMarcus Cousins scored 26 points on 8-23 shooting (10-14 line). Isaiah added 21 on 9-17 shooting. Walker had 30, Jefferson finished with 27. They shot a combined 23-40.