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Kings are being "Proactive" in talks to acquire Denver guard Andre Miller

Adrian Wojnarowski reports that the Kings are actively trying to acquire Andre Miller, and that Denver would like to make a trade within the next couple days.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Post reported today that the Nuggets are done trying to mend things up with Andre Miller and are now actively seeking to trade them.  We know the Kings have been among the interested parties, but now Adrian Wojnarowski reports that the Kings are being "proactive" in talks to acquire Miller.

The Kings do need a backup Point Guard and veteran leadership and Miller checks both those boxes.  If the Kings can make a deal to acquire Miller without giving up a real asset (which it shouldn't need to) I'd be fine with that.

Here are just a few Miller to the Kings scenarios that I think could be plausible:

  1. Travis Outlaw + Jimmer Fredette for Andre Miller - Denver gets a trial run of Fredette, and adds a small salary wing in Outlaw.
  2. Andre Miller + Anthony Randolph for Marcus Thornton - This one's suggested by Kevin Fippin.  Right now the only real Shooting Guard the Nuggets have is Randy Foye.  Thornton might do well as a primary scoring threat for the Nuggets.
  3. Andre Miller for Jason Thompson - This is more of a salary dump for Sacramento.  Denver gets the better player, albeit at a longer and higher salary.

The Kings are not the only team in contention for Miller's services, so we will see what happens in the coming days.