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Kings Links: Anniversary Edition!

On the one year anniversary of the Woj tweet that changed the world (or maybe just Sacramento), we have a wide variety of things to share. From the media's opinions on the possibility of DeMarcus Cousins making the all star game, to the city council's vote on eminent domain, to former King Doug Christie's visit to North Korea. We even have an in depth breakdown of Isaiah and Quincy's videobomb on DeMarcus!

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports A few members of the media discussed whether DeMarcus Cousins should be an All Star or not on Sekou Smith's Hangtime Blog. There were mixed answers. Some think he should be a shoe in, while others just feel it is too crowded in the west. The ones who bring up record bug me. This is the All Star game. Playoffs is where records are rewarded. If Carmelo didn't make it you know people would be upset. Reward this man for all the work he has put in this year.

While you are at it, go ahead and click here to vote for all your favorite Kings. (You can even write in Travis Outlaw!)

KTXL: The city council has approved a plan for eminent domain at the former Macy's site in downtown. KTXL has some details on the plan. Hopefully this can be executed as painlessly and controversy free as possible.

SacBee: Former King Doug Christie is among a group of six former NBA players and 4 street ball players that played in a much publicized game in North Korea. Outside of Dennis Rodman, who clearly will befriend anyone at this point, I want to believe that the other nine players are truly there to play for the people of North Korea. That said, it is a joke that this game happened. These guys need to do some homework. If they had done some, they would know there's really no goodwill in this game, and it is just a vanity project by Kim-Jong Un.

USAToday: The folks at the FTW section of USA Today painstakingly broke down the videobomb that Isaiah Thomas and Quincy Acy did to DeMarcus Cousins.

Yahoo Sports: One year ago today many of us read this article or one like it that changed everything. Can not believe it has been a year since the whole fiasco began. To see how far we have come, both as fans, and as a city, is truly amazing, and there is still more to do! Amazing what you can do when facing a "first and goal"

ESPN: Tragedy struck as former Kings favorite Vlade Divac's father passed away at 77 in a single car accident. His mother was also in the car, and suffered some injuries herself. Terrible to see this happen to Vlade. Such a great guy who cared so much for his family. I will never forget his first years here how bad things were in his home country and how involved he was with his parents still over there.