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The Sactown Royalty Show Ep 30: rbiegler is back!

Our own Robby Biegler returns to the show to talk about anything and everything about the Kings. And probably a lot of stuff unrelated to the Kings.

The Sactown Royalty Show is back! This week I'm joined by Sactown Royalty's own Robby Biegler. Biegler, as you should know from his previous appearances, is a fantastic guest. This episode was no exception, outside of a quick technology hiccup in the opening minute of the show.

With Biegler, you never really know what topics you might cover, and we ended up covering a lot.  We talked about the Kings recent struggles, Rudy Gay's recent performance, whether or not DeMarcus Cousins will be an All-Star, Maloof product lines, and how Andre Miller would fit with the team.

We, naturally, went off on some tangents.  We learned about Robby's habit of getting drunk in the parking lot of AM/PM, ditching his friends in bars, and why Robby's next pet will be named Round Table.  We had fun.  Check it out.

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