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Vegas thinks the Kings will improve, but not by much

The line is set at 30.5 wins for the upcoming season.

Ethan Miller

With the NBA season almost upon us, everyone's getting prepared for basketball, including Las Vegas.  The Westgate SuperBook recently published their predicted NBA win totals for the upcoming season and the good news is that Vegas expects the Kings to be better.  The bad news is, they don't think we'll be all that much better.

The line for Sacramento Kings wins this year is set at just 30.5, not unexpected for a team that won just 28 games last year and didn't make any huge moves in the offseason.  There are just 6 teams with lower win expectations: Orlando (28.5), Boston (26.5), Utah (25.5), Minnesota (25.5), Milwaukee (24.5) and Philadelphia (15.5).  Just ahead of the Kings are the Lakers (31.5), Indiana (32.5) and Detroit (36.5).

There always end up being surprises and disappointments as the season rolls along however.  For example, last year's line on the Phoenix Suns was just 21.5 and they blew by that, winning 48 games in total.

So what are you taking if you had to bet on the Kings season? The over, or the under?