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Join us for Sactown Royalty Night on Nov. 15th as the Kings take on the San Antonio Spurs!

One of our favorite annual traditions here at Sactown Royalty are our Sactown Royalty nights at the arena.  It's always neat to put faces to screen names and cheer on our favorite team together.

We're pleased to be doing three Sactown Royalty Nights this year, and our first one will be shortly into the season when the NBA Champion San Antonio Spurs come into town on November 15th.  If you're interested in attending as part of the Sactown Royalty group, just follow this link and use the code STR.

If you want to ensure that you get the lowest prices to go to the game, be sure to get your tickets before next Wednesday, October 15, as prices for games are subject to increase 30 days beforehand.

Also, I know we have many members of Sactown Royalty who live far away and can't attend games but do want to help others who might not be able to afford to go to the game.  What has worked well for us in the past is a form of honor system.  If you're willing to donate, feel free to comment in the threads saying something like "I can't make it but I'm willing to get someone a couple tickets".  Or, if you want to go but can't afford it, try leaving a comment to the effect of "Can somebody help me out? Can't really justify paying for tickets but I'm a huge Kings fan".

These donations are entirely honor based.  So no asking for donations if you aren't going to go to the game, and especially no asking for donations in an attempt to re-sell tickets.  While we haven't had too many issues with re-sellers in the past, we have had issues with no-shows, so I would encourage you to only take donated tickets if you know for a fact that you will be able to attend.

I'm looking forward to hopefully seeing many of you there, and hopefully we can add one more big picture to the many we already have from previously successful events.  And if you can't come to this one, don't worry, as we'll have at least two more Sactown Royalty nights this year, one in late December and one in early April.  Those exact dates and games will be announced at a later date.