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Sacramento Kings are having fun and bonding in China

Courtesy of Jason Wise and the Sacramento Kings

The Kings have been in China for a few days now and from all the social media and pictures, it's clear that it's been a one of a kind experience.  In case you've been out of the loop, the Kings have been releasing videos on their YouTube channel as a sort of video diary of their trip.

Watch as Rudy Gay explains what happens if you fall asleep on the Kings plane:

Rudy's new adopted son Ray McCallum doesn't appreciate his new father though:

An avid Chinese fan really wants Ramon Sessions to read her letter:

Vivek's just straight beasting that elliptical machine, and Nik got to take pictures of things other than his per diem:

Mitch Richmond's ping pong game is on point:

Little Mastrov thinks Shanghai is awesome:

After Shanghai the Kings took a trip to Beijing and visited the Great Wall of China, where Vivek and co. rode a toboggan down

For once, Sim Bhullar wasn't the tallest thing around.

Boogie and Ryan Hollins even got into an impromptu game of one on one

For more on the Kings and their trip to China, be sure to be reading Carmichael Dave's blog and podcast on  Rudy Gay also wrote a player diary for Sports Illustrated that you can read here.

The Kings will be back in Sacramento on Saturday, but they probably won't be forgetting their trip to China any time soon.  Hopefully some of the chemistry built from such a trip can carry over into the regular season.