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Jordan Crawford overestimated his value and turned down Kings, now he's in China

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

In unsurprising but interesting news, David Pick of and tweeted today that the Kings had offered Jordan Crawford a deal this summer.  You may have noticed a distinct lack of Jordan Crawfords on the Kings roster today, so what happened?


Personally, I'm a bit glad that Crawford saved the Kings from themselves by turning down the deal, as he's simply not that great of a player.  In his three years in the league he's proven to be an inefficient scorer who likes to shoot, a poor defender and a so-so playmaker.  The Kings did much better in signing Ramon Sessions, a more proven commodity.

Crawford's not the first player to think himself better than what he is, and he won't be the last.  After all, that confidence is oftentimes what makes a great NBA player.  But for now Crawford is out of the NBA, and there's no easy way back.