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Kings vs. Lakers Preview: Preseason ends


The NBA preseason is coming to an end for the Sacramento Kings tonight as they face the Los Angeles Lakers in their annual preseason matchup in Las Vegas.  The game is not televised on our end but will be on Time Warner Sports Network in Los Angeles if you're in the area.  Otherwise you can listen to the game on KHTK 1140.  Tip-off is at 7:00 pm Pacific Time.


1. Turnovers have been a huge issue for the Kings this preseason as they attempt to learn a new offense.  DeMarcus Cousins has been the biggest offender, with 19 turnovers in the last two games alone.  While these games don't count, it would be nice to see the Kings curb this habit before the season begins.

2. Kobe Bryant is back, and he's going to be going straight at Ben McLemore.  It's a good test for the young shooting guard, whose shown strides on both ends of the floor this preseason.  He should also feel free to go right back at Kobe, who isn't nearly as explosive or dangerous as he once was.  UPDATE: Apparently Kobe isn't playing so feel free to completely disregard this section!

3. With this being the last game of preseason, I expect we'll see a pretty tight regular season-like rotation, much like we saw in the previous game.  We know who the starters are, but now we'll also hopefully see how the bench looks with Omri Casspi and Nik Stauskas in a regular rotation.  Both players were out in Monday's loss to the Spurs and their absence was noted, especially as Sacramento went just 1-8 from three in that game.


There once was a Laker named Kobe,
feared more than an ancient Japanese Shinobi.
But now he's old,
tarnishing the purple and gold,
as slow as an update from Adobe®.