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Question of the Game: Darren Collison

Have a question for Darren Collison? Leave it in this thread and it may get answered tonight after the Kings take on the Golden State Warriors in the season opener.

Lintao Zhang

Real Kings basketball is upon us! With that comes this season's first installment of Question of the Game.

But before we get to that, I just want to take a second to thank you all for reading. I think I speak for myself and the rest my colleagues here in saying the readers of Str make the season much more enjoyable for all of us, and the community is what it's all about. So thank you for the feedback (both positive and negative) that you provide, as well as the great analysis and humor left in the comment threads. (You all make me laugh on a daily basis.) I hope I can give you some decent content to read this season.

With that said, let's down to business. Today's question is for the Kings new starting point guard Darren Collison.

For those of you who don't know, the Question of the Game thread allows Str readers to pose a question for a particular player during a home game. Based on which question gets the highest number of recs (and how reasonable it is), I will track the player down and ask them that question during the postgame. The answer will then be posted right here in the thread.

Make sure to keep it to one question unless you have two questions that tie in together.

So leave your question for Collison in this thread and start pressing those rec buttons!