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Downtown Arena Groundbreaking: Open Thread

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Shovels. In. The. Ground.

The day is finally here, and although the ceremony itself is not open to the public, the Kings and city of Sacramento will be live streaming it right here.

The ceremony begins at 11:30 am and will feature both Mayor Kevin Johnson and Sacramento Kings majority owner Vivek Ranadivé among others.

It almost doesn't seem real to be honest.  We've been talking about getting a new arena in Sacramento for over a decade.  Measures Q & R happened almost 8 years ago now.  We've seen attempt after attempt to get a new building fail, but now it's becoming a reality.  There's a big patch of fresh dirt in downtown if you don't trust anything but your eyes.  Soon we'll start to see steel coming up from the dirt, and two years from now we'll be celebrating opening night in a shiny new building.

Long live the Kings.