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The Kings 3D Court Projection Intro was Amazing

It was a tough start to the season for Kings fans with Sacramento playing sloppy and losing to the visiting Warriors, but fans were treated to an amazing show before the game as the Kings showed off their new 3D Court Projection system. The above video is just a teaser, but the full clip can be found here on the Kings website. It's well worth a watch and it's something that I could see being a big feature of the new Downtown Arena in a couple years.

It's currently unknown just how long these projectors are staying in place at Sleep Train, as they might just be temporary for the opening night festivities. We'll update this post if we hear more.

For those that went to the game, what did you think of the 3D show?

UPDATE: Per the Kings, the projection system will be in place for Friday nights game against the Trail Blazers but no more after that.

Also, the Friday projection will be Halloween themed. Here's a teaser: