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Beware... The Boogeyman Is Coming

We're celebrating Halloween with this blast from the past.

Happy Halloween Sacramento Kings fans!! We're celebrating by reviving a creepy little blast from the past.

Let's be honest, ESPN studios is a spooky place.
FACT: Bristol Ct. isn't too far from prime witch hunt territory in Salem Massachusetts.
FACT: There's a lot of history on that campus. The odds of it NOT being built on top of a Native American burial ground of some sort are pretty slim.
FACT: Bill Simmons is in there... somewhere... lurking... trying to trade all of your best players to the Celtics for next to nothing!

FACT: On a clear crisp night (and all other nights), when the moon sits just right in the sky (the moon could be anywhere really... it honestly doesn't matter), you can hear the screams of Mark Jackson from miles away: "MAMA, THERE GOES THAT MAN!!"

Earlier this Summer DeMarcus Cousins did the "ESPN Car Wash," wherein coaches or athletes do a series of in-studio appearances and interviews on a variety of ESPN's shows all in one day. And while he was there, the good folks at ESPN decided to pay homage to Boogie's creepy nickname by giving him a Boogeyman mask, and letting him scare the crap out of ESPN staffers. The results were a scream.

Relive the magic with us. Enjoy!