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Kings vs. Raptors Preview: Time for some meaningless payback!

The Kings look to exact some revenge on their home court against a Raptors team that beat them in Vancouver this weekend.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

The Kings dropped their first preseason game against the Raptors but now are back home in Sacramento for their one and only preseason home game against an actual NBA team (the other home game on Oct. 18th is against an Israeli team).

Unlike the last game, this one is being televised locally on Comcast SportsNet California.  Tip-off is at 7:00 pm and will also be carried on the radio on Sports 1140 KHTK.  There's still plenty of time to buy tickets for the game if you want to go. If you do go, try to wear pink as it's Breast Cancer Awareness month and the Kings will be honoring Sign Lady, a now one-year survivor of Breast Cancer.


1.  Our friend Jonathan Santiago of Cowbell Kingdom has indicated that Michael Malone will be going with a new starting lineup to start this game.  Last game we saw Collison, McLemore, Gay, Thompson and Cousins.  Cousins and Gay are the only locks as starters, but Collison is pretty close.  Still, I wouldn't be surprised to see Sessions and/or Stauskas starting, and I think it's also possible that Carl Landry and/or Reggie Evans get the nod at PF tonight.  SG and PF are definitely the two positions with the most question marks.

2. Turnovers.  The Kings turned the ball over an almost ludicrous 29 times against Toronto in their first preseason game, a number you never want to see regardless of whether the games count or not.  That sloppiness likely cost the Kings the game.  It's a little more excusable however when you realize that the Kings are trying to instill a new offense and are also bringing in several new players who aren't familiar with each other just yet.  Still, I'd definitely like to see some improvement on this end before the season starts.

3.  We didn't see Eric Moreland or Ray McCallum play at all in the first game.  While I don't expect Moreland to be a rotation player this year, I do want to see Ray get at least some time, something that I think he earned with his play this summer and towards the end of last season.


There once was a Raptor named Gay
to many Canadians' dismay.
But now he's a King,
career on the upswing,
and Kings fans say hoo-ray!