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Sacramento Kings Announce Legends Games Series

Along with the release of individual game tickets, the Sacramento Kings announced a new "Legends Games" series in which Sacramento-era greats throughout the 30 seasons of Kings basketball will return to Sacramento. From JWill and Peja, to Doug and B-Jax... your favorite player may be visiting soon!

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Ah Fall.  It's everyone's favorite time of year.  Wait what?  It's 90 degrees outside?  How is that even possible?  It's October...

Whatever.  Doesn't matter.  Fall, guys!!  Am I right?!  Everything tastes like Pumpkin spice, all your favorite TV shows are back, and Kings tickets are on sale!!

That's right, it's time to dust off your credit cards guys.  It's the time of year every fan (who doesn't have season tickets) waits for all year.  The Kings finally released individual game tickets announced several ticket pack options this morning.  Whether you're a season ticket holder looking to grab a couple extra seats to a game, or you're the type of fan who likes to cherry pick only the best matchups of the season, I'll break down all the options for you:

If "Game Packs" are more your speed, in addition to the customary "Big Game" and "3 Game Flex" packs, a few new options were announced this morning as well.  And I think one of them in particular will have a lot of fans excited.

In honor of their 30 years in Sacramento the Kings announced a a brand new "Legends Game Series" today.  Each of the games in this series will be highlighting a specific legend from Kings past, and celebrating their time in Sacramento, by bringing them back to the city where it all happened. Circle these six dates on your calendars because they could be pretty special:

  • 11/20 against the Chicago Bulls - Jason Williams.
  • 12/11 against the Houston Rockets - Legends from the first five years of the Sacramento era. Players TBD.
  • 12/16 against the Oklahoma City Thunder - Peja Stojakovic's jersey retirement.
  • 2/5 against the Dallas Mavericks - Mitch Richmond's Hall of Fame enshrinement celebration.
  • 2/27 against the San Antonio Spurs - Doug Christie AND Bobby Jackson.
  • 4/13 against the Los Angeles Lakers - Player TBD.

For whatever it's worth, the artwork on the website seems to elude to possible appearances from Webber and Theus.

You can purchase tickets to the any of the Legends Games individually or as part of the "Legends Pack," which in addition to tickets to all six games, also includes a private pre game Q&A session with that games legend.  Some of the legends are still to be determined as of the time of this writing but i'd be surprised if we don't see Divac, Webber, Bibby, or Pollard at some point.  The remaining names will be announced in the coming weeks so keep an eye out.

The Kings also announced a "Family Game Pack" today.  Each of these games will feature some sort of family-centric programing through out the game.  It's not clear exactly what we can expect on these dates but i'd assume these would be great games to bring the kids out to.

  • 11/30 against the Memphis Grizzlies.
  • 3/1 against the Portland Trail Blazers.
  • 3/22 against the Washington Wizards.
  • 12/26 and 2/8 against Isaiah Thomas and the Phoenix Suns.
FYI - As of right now, if you're looking to snag a ticket to the Cavaliers game (1/11) or the two home games against the Lakers (12/21 and 3/13), you can only obtain them through the purchase of a "Big Game" pack.

You can purchase individual game tickets or a ticket pack at or by calling 888-91-KINGS.

Now get to clicking 6th man.  See you guys at the train!