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Kings hire David Arseneault Jr. to coach Reno Bighorns

Dave Eggen - Getty Images

The Kings have been very involved with their D-League Affiliate Reno Bighorns since partnering with them last year, installing Joel Abelson as coach last year and also sending several players down there (including Ray McCallum) throughout the year.

Abelson left the Bighorns this summer for a job with the New York Knicks and as such the team was in search of a new coach.  That search came to an end today with the hire of David Arseneault Jr., an assistant coach at Grinnell College.  Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski was the first to report the news.

From Woj's article:

Arseneault Jr. has been an assistant coach and point guard under his father, David Sr., as Grinnell has routinely set scoring records on the small college level. Grinnell averaged 116 points in the 2013-14 season.

It appears the Kings will try and follow the blueprint of the Houston Rockets, who hired a Division III coach, Nevada Smith, to bring a focus of three-point shooting and scoring to their D-League franchise.

If you don't know about Grinnell College but it still sounds familiar, that might because they're the program responsible for game planning to run their offense through one player, Jack Taylor, who scored an NCAA record 138 points in a single game back in 2012.  There was not a typo in that sentence, and here's the video to prove it:

Taylor followed up that ridiculous outing with 109 points the following season.  Aside from this kind of gimmick play, Grinnell was also known for an incredibly fast pace and full court press action.

We'll probably see quite a few young members of the Kings on Bighorns this year, including Ray McCallum, Eric Moreland and Sim Bhullar.  The D-League is definitely a place for experimentation, so it'll be interesting to see what ideas Arseneault Jr. brings to the table and what he'll actually implement.