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Cousins Catches Stauskas Admiring His Per Diem

A magical moment in time earns rookie, Nik Stauskas, a new nickname!

Boogie Catches The Rookie In The Act
Boogie Catches The Rookie In The Act
DeMarcus Cousins

Not long after the Kings boarded a giant 747-400 headed for China, Nik Stauskas realized he had a fat wad of cash.  Then he did what any 21 year old would do... he took a photo of it.

Luckily, DeMarcus Cousins was around to catch him the act and post the evidence to his Instagram!


Caught the rook @nikstauskas11

View on Instagram


Now, it should be stated that Nik didn't post the photo to his Instagram or Twitter accounts, so he's not pretending to be a late 90's rapper here.  But what did Nik do with the photo exactly?


In honor of this magical moment in time, we have decided to bestow young Mr. Stauskas with a nickname: STACKS

For instance: Stacks Stauskas, Stacks on Stacks on Stacks Stauskas, Nikky Stacks etc...

Mo Money Mo Problems, am I right Stacks?