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Kings celebrate Halloween with 3D Projections and spooky player introductions

It's not often that NBA games are played on holidays, but with Sacramento playing the Trail Blazers on Halloween yesterday, fans at the game were definitely treated to a festive atmosphere.

Above you can see the Halloween themed 3D projection that the Kings did, and here is long-time Kings PA announcer Scott Moak (who called the entire game dressed as Darth Vader) deepening his voice to introduce the Blazers starting lineup

Fans had a lot of fun celebrating the holiday at the game too. My favorite was a teenage girl who was really into method acting her costume of an old lady. The absolute best part however was when she started dancing in the section and got the usher to join in. I wish I had gotten video but this picture will have to do:

It was a fun night, made even better by the big Kings win.