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Rest of November schedule will prove if these Kings are for real or not

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Sacramento's definitely done well for themselves to start this season.  At 5-2, the Kings have exceeded just about everyone's expectations, especially given the tough schedule they were dealt.  Unfortunately for Sacramento, the schedule doesn't get much easier the rest of this month.

Here are the remaining 10 games on the docket for November:

11/11 at Dallas (Sacramento hasn't won here since February 27th, 2003)

11/13 at Memphis (Sacramento has lost 7 straight to Memphis and 12 of 14 in Cousins' era)

11/15 vs. San Antonio (Sacramento has lost 9 straight to San Antonio and 12 of 13 in Cousins' era)

11/18 vs. New Orleans (Sacramento won season series 3-1 last year but they are healthy this year and have improved depth)

11/20 vs. Chicago (Sacramento has split season series past two seasons)

11/22 at Minnesota (Sacramento split season series last year, but no Kevin Love anymore and Ricky Rubio out with injury)

11/25 at New Orleans

11/26 at Houston (Sacramento split season series last year)

11/28 at San Antonio

11/30 vs. Memphis

To come out of November with a .500 record or better, the Kings need to go 4-6.  Of those games, only two seem like the Kings should be considered favorites (and we saw how much good that did Sacramento against Oklahoma City on Sunday): at home against New Orleans and at Minnesota.

If the Kings really want to be fighting for a playoff spot, they'll have to beat some of these tougher opponents.  The December schedule is incredibly favorable for Sacramento, with 11 of 16 games at home and 9 of 16 opponents being likely non-playoff teams.  They've started off the season well, but these next 10 games will provide a nice measuring stick of just what this Kings team can actually do.