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Kings Links: The Dream of the 90s is alive in Sacramento

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Welcome to your Wednesday Links!  The Kings might be on their first losing streak of the season but there's still plenty of conversation surrounding the team.

On This Day in History:  Nov. 12th, 2014 - Man lands a spacecraft on a comet over 300 million miles away.

The Pattern of Basketball: The Sacramento Kings are trying to win basketball games by bringing the 1990's back
Jonathan Tjarks takes a look at the throwback style of basketball the Kings are playing and the growth of DeMarcus Cousins.

DMC is a 1990's player in a 2010 league. He ain't trying to be everyone's friend and he's not afraid to let you know he's there in the paint. When you think about it, it makes all the sense in the world to build a 1990's team around him. The Kings look like they have something.

Nylon Calculus: The Sacramento Kings and their Fast-Paced D-League Affiliate are the Talk of Basketball
Jacob Rosen takes a look at some of the numbers of Sacramento's good start as well as the craziness that is currently the Reno Bighorns (267 points scored in two preseason games and a combined 113 three point attempts!!!)

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: With parallels to Milwaukee, Sacramento puts faith in new arena
The City of Milwaukee is still trying to secure the future of their basketball team with a new arena and they're looking to Sacramento for guidance.

Grantland: Taking the NBA's Temperature: Clearing Up Some Big-Picture Questions
Sacramento has impressed Zach Lowe so far, particularly DeMarcus Cousins.  Lowe's not as big a fan of "The Great Rudini" nickname though.

SacBee: Kings squander 24-point lead, lose to Mavericks
Michael Malone is not very pleased with how inconsistent the Kings have been lately.

SacBee: Kings look to increase assists, decrease turnovers and continue to stress defense
Jason Jones takes a look at what this team still needs to improve on despite the good starting record.

Cowbell Kingdom: Offseason work for Ben McLemore paying dividends
Good stuff from Rui Thomas on how Ben McLemore prepared for his sophomore year after a very rough rookie campaign.