The Kings Are Rad or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Dream


We're all confused, it's not just you. It's only been 10 games, yeah, I know.

Sit, take a deep-ass breath. Calm down. Quit wringing your hands. I am completely aware that fortunes can tilt drastically in any direction and fate can be a hell of cruel creature...meaning that I get it, we can't plan on being happy. We can't set our hopes too high right now and we absolutely cannot be blinded by the promise of something greater than we ever could have dreamed, something special happening in Sacramento. How many times have our hopes been raised to the heavens only to then be dashed violently to the burning, diseased earth in mere moments? Or, to keep it within this decade, how many times have we simply hoped for mediocrity only to be given truckloads of molten feces? Either way...caution and restraint is key. Guarded hearts are safe hearts.


Rudy Gay just signed an unbelievable (is this real?!) and amazingly timed 3 year extension, Boogie Cousins is being mentioned in MVP conversations (WTF!?) , our team started the year 6-4 with away wins over the freaking Clips (!), Phoenix and Denver on a back-to-back (wut). We hit the road and suffered terrible defeat after holding huge leads against Memphis and Dallas in soul crushing, team-decimating style - but the Kings got back up, came home and got a W against the NBA Champion Spurs. Ben McLemore snapped out an offensive funk and now is showing 2-way play well beyond anything we could have reasonably expected. Check out any national sports page, digital or otherwise, and there are your Sacramento Kings for the first time since Ron Artest was in town making news for better or worse. Oh yeah, arena ground has officially been broken. It's going to be the most bad-ass spot in the NBA and it's going to be in Downtown Sacramento. Yeah. Toilets will be totally functional too.

And how about Omri 2.0? Were you thrilled when they brought him on? neither. I guess I'm not an expert in the art of putting together a beautiful basketball team! Crazy stuff.

Hey, over there. Wait. Yeah, I see you trying to hide that pitchfork and douse that torch. Now you've got a sheepish grin and a foam finger on. It's cool! Let's do this, let's enjoy this now...not later when it is safe. Go all in! Believe it! Go ahead and change your signature, I won't try to cram crow into your grill. I want to rock out with you, high five you and scream SAC-RA-MEN-TO with you! Relax, we are in this together. Feel it?! WOOOOOOOO HOOOOOO! Awesome, right?

Blink and it could all go up in the flames or disintegrate completely. There are a million and one ways for this to go right off the rails, from any injury - ANY - to a bad streak of disillusionment-inducing losses to a DUI charge to bad blood to scandal to corruption to whatever. Yep! That's true. AND YOU CAN BE HIT BY A BUS TOO. Shouldn't we do I put this...enjoy this? Shouldn't we embrace it? Can't we all just soak in it and love it? Our Kings are competing every damned night no matter where. It's true! When was the last time you ever turned on a game and thought the Kings had a shot, a real shot to take it? "We got this, we can win" is very suddenly how I now feel when I settle in to watch. And so do you.

If we break .500 on the year, make no mistake, it's gonna be a champagne poppin' extravaganza for me. That doesn't mean I can't dare to actually dream that there is more to this story. That's why I am here. Why are you here? To be realistic and enjoy analyzing why it isn't possible for your dreams to come true? Sports are just here for fun, right?

So dive in. The water is EXCELLENT.

Long. Live. The. Kings!


(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)