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Kings fall in Power Rankings, but win over Spurs keeps them in the upper half

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The Kings would probably be riding even higher than they were last week if they hadn't managed to blow two big leads on the road last week, and as a result, the hot start has lost a little bit of its luster.  Still, a gutsy win against the Spurs and a 6-4 record have helped to right the ship.

SBNation has moved us down a few spots to 11th:

Sacramento's had a tough week, losing three games since last Sunday and giving up big leads along the way. Their win against the Spurs was nice, but catching them on the second half of a back-to-back at the end of a four-game road trip definitely lessens the value of it. But hey, Rudy Gay is playing great right now and his new contract extension is solid value for both sides. also has us at 11, and would like more Boogie please.

A win over the champs is a nice way to rebound from blowing leads of 24 and 26 in Dallas and Memphis. The Kings probably wouldn't be blowing leads if DeMarcus Cousins could avoid foul trouble and stay on the floor.They're a plus-14.5 per 48 minutes with him in the game (much better on both ends) and a minus-20.0 with him on the bench.

CBSSports has us 12th and is still impressed:

That Memphis loss could have unraveled them. But to get it together and outwill the defending champs, even with San Antonio on a back-to-back was huge. Their offensive numbers, all the way down to shot selection, say they should be worse. But they're finding ways to win and have an identity. Darren Collison has been incredible.

ESPN dropped us out of the top 10 to 12th:

How do you rebound from two massive blown leads and a profane putdown from Kendrick Perkins? Can't do much better than finally finding a way to beat San Antonio -- despite shooting 0-for-12 on 3-pointers -- and then quickly coming to terms on a favorable contract extension with Rudy Gay.

SportsIllustrated still has in the Top 10, but just barely at 9th:

What do you do for an encore after bowing a 24-point lead? Squandering a 26-point lead two nights later! As good as the Kings' start has been, last week's losses show this team is still not quite ready for the limelight. The talent is there, the experience is not.

Yahoo also has us 9th:

Rudy Gay was more interested in re-signing now than at the end of last season. Winning, money and love by the Kings helped.

USAToday puts us 13th, but isn't as optimistic as many others:

Rudy Gay's three-year extension helps continuity. But if they fall off as many expect, Is that a good thing?