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Court Jester: Isaiah Thomas was Disrespected, and He Wants Everyone to Know It.

What kind of guy is Isaiah Thomas? Unwanted? Loved? Hated? Disrespected? Selfish? Unselfish? The world may never know. But we do know one thing. He is no longer a Pizza Guy.

Joe Raedle

What kind of guy is Isaiah Thomas? If you ask him, he will tell you that he's a disrespected guy. The former face of the Pizza Guys franchise has a new home, and he wants everyone to know how happy he is at his new home in Phoenix.

"I just wanted to go to the pizza chain where I felt most wanted, and Pizza Guys did not want me. They disrespected me, but I guess it's time for each of us to move on," the former Pizza Guys spokesman said in an interview with Sactown Royalty's own Bradley Geiser. "I put everything I had in that franchise for two whole years, and it was clear that they did not want me moving forward."

The problems began when Pizza Guys brought in Ben McLemore, a talented, but wet-behind-the-ears spokesperson to start doing commercials. The internet erupted with rage, panic, and downright sadness. They did not want to see this young spokesman go. While nothing was official yet, the writing was on the wall. Isaiah would be plugging a new pizzeria in a new city.

"I poured my heart and soul out for these guys, but it never seemed to be enough for them. I love this town, and I love all of the fans I have within it, but as far as Pizza Guys is concerned. We are done. I am a Morris Twin now. Pizza Guy is dead. I thought my coworkers were cool with me. I thought they had my back, but if they wanted me at Pizza Guys, I'd still be at Pizza Guys. It's amazing how you find out who your friends really are." an emotional Thomas told us when asked about when he knew he needed to look elsewhere. Many believe that the co-workers he spoke of is a reference to his cast-mate, Marcus Brothers. The two were friends during their entire stay there, and had their best sales when Isaiah, Marcus, and a newly acquired Ronnie Gray worked together. Unfortunately, much to his chagrin, the company felt the need to go into a different direction.

"It was disrespectful, if you ask me." Isaiah told Bradley Geiser, the other media, the barista at Starbucks, his Twitter followers, the mailman, and anyone else who would listen.

Isaiah Thomas was said to be courted by Deng Good Pizza in Miami, Swaggy P-zza in L.A., and Jereb and Co. Pizzeria in Detroit, said that he decided to sign with Morris Twins' Pizza because they laid out the proverbial red carpet for him on arrival.

"It was great, they put my face up on the TV in the party room, photoshopped me in a Morris Twin's company shirt, and talked about the idea of using me in a three-spokesman lineup. It just feels good to be wanted, not disrespected, you know?"

Isaiah was a fan favorite due to his appearances on Pizza Guys commercials. He brought a great energy to the company despite the fact that he was the last applicant picked by them in the hiring process. He quickly rose to the ranks before finally becoming the starting spokesman for the company.

When Pizza Guys switched management amidst rumors of relocation, Isaiah stood by the community when the company decided to stay. While they experimented with having romantic leads, tattoo artists, and countless others be the spokespeople, Pizza Guys always ended up putting Isaiah back in front of the camera. It seemed to be a match made in heaven. There were, however, some problems that the higher ups took issue with.

An unnamed source from within the Pizza Guys organization laid out part of the problem.

"Isaiah had great energy, and we loved that about him, but we saw him as being more of a supporting actor. He did not like that. There were certain times where he tried to take over a commercial when we wanted a more ensemble based style going forward with our franchise. We tried to work with him in accepting a supporting role, telling him that the Sonic guys have made a great name for themselves just doing that. He wanted to be one of the leads, and that's just not what we are looking for going forward. But he wanted to join the ranks of Flo from Progressive, and we just don't need Flo, we need an ensemble cast."

In the end, despite the ugly divorce, the negative fan reaction, and the change in spokespeople, both pizza companies appear to be doing well, during their short time's together. Ben McLemore has brought a great energy and a style that seems to be more consistent with the companies vision, and Isaiah Thomas seems to be doing great within the three-spokesman lineup in Phoenix.

"My life is great. I have a new fan base in Phoenix, and all is OK in my life. I don't even like to talk about Pizza Guys, even though they disrespected me." He said as he flipped a freshly made ball of dough into the air in a way Pizza Guys patrons have come to remember all so well. It is truly the beginning of a new era in the Sacramento pizza scene. The Pizza Guy, for better or worse, is now a Morris Twin.